Queercon Internet Provider Table Card Design (2016)

In 2016, the cyber realms of PTB Media and Black Mesa Communications collided to sponsor Wi-Fi at QueerCon – the pulsing heart of LGBTQ hackers within the electrifying atmosphere of the Infosec convention DefCon. Our mission? To design a table card that wasn't just a piece of paper but a beacon; a small yet mighty symbol of unity, technology, and inclusivity.

    • Graphic Design
    • Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop
    • PTB Media and Black Mesa Communications
    • January 15, 2016
    • brand collateral, DEFcon, Photoshop, print media, promotional materials, Queercon, table cards, tech convention

Project Details

The Challenge: How do you encapsulate the essence of two dynamic companies, a groundbreaking event, and a vibrant community all in one compact design? Our answer: combine cutting-edge aesthetics with a clear, engaging message that resonates with every attendee.

The Solution: We crafted a table card design that stood out without screaming for attention. Using a sleek, modern layout, we balanced PTB Media and Black Mesa Communications’ logos and branding with QueerCon’s spirited colors and ethos. The design not only highlighted the Wi-Fi sponsorship but also served as an invitation to connect—both digitally and within the community.

Impact: The table cards were more than just informational; they became keepsakes. They sparked conversations, built connections, and reminded everyone that at the crossroads of technology and identity, there’s a place where everyone belongs. Through this project, we didn’t just deliver a design; we fostered a sense of belonging and community at one of the most inclusive tech events of the year.

Skills Showcased: Brand integration, visual storytelling, inclusivity in design, and creating a tangible connection in a digital space.

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